How to use the Aero-Fueller & Aero-Tester

Ed Babovec

Aero-Fueller  The Pipistrel fuel tanks are unique in that they have baffles, and the inlet is reletively small, so fueling these aircraft can be difficult.  The Aero-Fueller helps to make fueling easier and with no overflow.  First, this product screws into the inlets and seals with an O ring.  Be sure not to over tightened because there is no stop on the threads, and the O ring will be destroyed.  First decide what fuel level you would like for "full".  I suggest 12 gallons in each tank to take into account expansion.  Drain your tanks fully, then pump exactly 12 gallons into each tank.  Install the Aero-Fueller and look at where the white level marker is at.  You can then slide the cork float until the white marker is at the top point (the top 4 holes on the black level slider).   The holes on the black tube are pre calibrated to 1 gallon between the holes, a total of six gallons.  Wing dihedral allows for only 6+/- gallons at the inlet.  Accuracy depends on both tanks being filled with the same amount of fuel.  Always refer to the interior fuel level tubes for accurate absolute fuel level(s) at 6 gallons or less.  

Aero-Tester  The gascolator used by Pipistrel on the Rotax 912 UL(S) makes it impossible to check the fuel without most of the fuel ending up on your hands.  Press the black ring onto the drain screw by gently rocking the device until it slides on.  At that point you should be able to let go of it and it should stay attached.  Turn clockwise until fuel appears in the cup.  The next step is most important.  Tighten only to the point where fuel stops flowing, there is no reason to overtighten, the drain has a spring which keeps it from unscrewing.  If it is overtightened too often, the serrations on the device, which match the serrations on the drain screw, will be stripped, making it more difficult to use.


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