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.                                                                                                                                                                                                    With the advent of the LSA category, modern motorgliders can be factory built and also to be available for training.   No longer are these aircraft heavy and underpowered.  With the use of modern materials, such as carbon fiber and lightweight powerful engines/motors, these aircraft possess excellent soaring capabilities, as well as a superb powered rate of climb and efficient cruising abilities.
Pipistrel aircraft, in particular, provide low stall speed, good glide/sink rate, plus an optional whole aircraft parachute, making them some of the safest and enjoyable aircraft in the skies today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I hope the products that are available on this site will help to enhance your motorgliding experience.  Thanks for visiting, and check back for new additions. 







The gascolator that is installed on the Pipistrel Alpha/Sinus/Virus with the Rotax 912 UL(S) engine makes checking for water and/or debris difficult, at best.  Keep your hands free from fuel by using this handy tool.  Just a turn and the cup fills with fuel without spillage.  A fuel proof container is included.




            Aero-Fueller Funnel and Fuel Level Indicator

This funnel makes fueling your Sinus/Virus(SW) much easier.  Avoid fuel spillage on your wings, and airbrake channels.  Available with or without the level indicator.









Airbrake Step Retainer


This device semi-locks the airbrakes in the open and partially open positions, making it easier to manipulate.  Designed for the Sinus and Virus aircraft.




                          Sight Tubes with Floats

Do you have problems seeing the fuel level in your fuel sight tubes?  Use this kit and never misjudge your fuel level again.  Floats are FAA/PMA approved.  For EXPERIMENTAL aircraft only.  




Tire Inflation Kit

Here's a way to inflate your tires without having to remove the spats (main wheels only).  Simply drill a small hole using the included jig, mark the tire appropriately for alignment, then just screw in the adapter.  Works only with Beringer wheels.



                      "Over the Blue Planet" 


The story about the flight around the world in a Virus SW aircraft. 400 pages of astonishing birds-eye-view photos of the most picturesque places on the globe are accompanied by interesting comments of the pilot, Matevz Lenarcic.



















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