EMPENNAGE COVER, (Tailboom, Vertical & Horiz Stabilizers), WINTER USE (in Stock)

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EMPENNAGE COVER, (Tailboom, Vertical & Horiz Stabilizers), WINTER USE (in Stock)


  • Are there antennas that might affect this cover? I will contact you about filling out an antenna location worksheet.
  • This item is available in Silver, Red, or Black. Standard is Silver.
  • Other colors may be available
  • High resolution photos of your aircraft would be helpful. We may contact you about that.
  • The aircraft registration mark (in the U.S.: the N-Number) can be imprinted on this product for an additional $20 (both sides).
  • We are aware of some variation in this item. I may contact you about that.


The Pipistrel Sinus, Virus & Alpha Trainer Empennage Cover is a complete, one-piece cover which covers both the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, as well as the tailboom. It is normally made from Solution-Dyed Polyester or Acrylic Sunbrella. The cover attaches with Velcro to the aft edge of the Extended Canopy Cover and with adjustable straps underneath the belly. The cover is pulled back over the vertical stabilizer and a plastic all-weather zipper is closed at the trailing edge of the rudder. The cover is then stretched over the elevators and zippered closed along the bottom outboard elevator surfaces. The covers cinch under the horizontal stabilizers using adjustable straps. All antennas, beacons and static wicks, if applicable, are accounted for in the design.

Aircraft registration number can be added to any cover for $30. Custom graphic designs available.                                                                                                        The advantage of buying covers through me, is that I've sold many in the past, and can better design your covers for your specific antenna layout.

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