Insulation Engine Cover for Pipistrel Sinus/Virus(SW)/Alpha (Special Order)

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Regular price $ 395.00
Insulation Engine Cover for Pipistrel Sinus/Virus(SW)/Alpha (Special Order)


  • This item is available in Red, Black or Silver. Standard is Red, but contact us if you want another color.
  • High resolution photos of your aircraft would be helpful. We may contact you about that.
  • The aircraft registration mark (in the U.S.: the N-Number) can be imprinted on this product for an additional $20 (both sides).


The Pipistrel Sinus, Virus & Alpha Trainer Insulated Engine Cover is made with a thicker, quilted, water-repellent, and breathable material that is insulated on the inside. The Insulated Engine Cover works well in cold climates to help with engine preheating. It will cinch around or behind the spinner, cover the entire engine cowl area including the engine air cooling and induction air inlets, and fastens together with Velcro beneath the spinner down the front of the cowling. The Insulated Engine Cover is attached with a belly strap aft of the firewall, and can Velcro to the Canopy Cover if desired.

The advantage of buying covers through me, is that I've sold many in the past, and can better design your covers for your specific antenna layout.

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