LXNAV S80 Variometer 80mm (Special Order)*


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LXNAV S80 Variometer 80mm (Special Order)*

Standalone digital variometer, final glide calculator and navigation system with moving map. • Extremely bright 3.5’’ (9cm) color display, readable in all sunlight conditions with the ability to adjust the backlight. • Two rotary switches (knobs) with push button function and three push buttons are used for input. • GPS and PDA inputs/outputs • Flarm Indication, when Flarm is connected to the GPS port • Additional Flarm radar screen and artificial horizon • Inertial assisted high precision pressure sensors • Built-in voice module and AHRS • Easy firmware upgrades via SD card • fast wind calculation with external compass • Indicator Ø80mm, 80x80x45mm • Sensor box: 65x45x85mm • Consumption at 12V from 140mA

Available November 2014


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