Winter Altimeter 80mm (Special Order)*


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Winter Altimeter 80mm (Special Order)*
Altimeter, Model: 4 FGH 10, 20,000 ft
80 mm (3 1/8"), 3 pointer, , Range: 0 to 1,000 to 20,000 feet, Inch (Hg) pressure scale, zero at 12 o'clock
3-pointer altimeter for measuring absolute and relative altitudes in the 0 to 20,000 ft range.
Indicating range: 0 to 1000 to 20,000 feet
Gradations: large pointer: 10 ft per line, small pointer: 100 feet per line, third pointer: 1000 feet per line
Technical Data
Airtight, black plastic housing. Connection via hose from static pressure sensor to hose connector at the rear. Kollsman window with Inch scale from 27.6 to 30.5 inches of Hg. See scale drawing at right for installation dimensions. Weight: 0.345 kg (12.2 oz). 360° linear scale.
Note: The standard W-4325 altimeter does not accommodate the optional W-4011 scale ring. However, a specially modified version of the altimeter can be ordered that will work with the scale ring. The price of the special altimeter is the same as a standard altimeter but the scale ring is extra. You can select the special version when ordering. When ordering online the price for the special altimeter includes the W-4011 scale ring.